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Time Marches On

This year has alternately felt like it was crawling and speeding by. As our routines have been interrupted we have found ourselves both feeling like things are dragging along and amazed that we have gotten through the spring and summer to once again arrive at fall. I participate in Ali Edwards' One Little Word project every year, choosing a single word to guide me throughout the year. This year that word was {MOMENTS} and I think it was the perfect word for a year filled with crazy moments and calm moments, sad moments and scary moments, and happy moments and moments of taking a breath from the every day rush of our lives.

Photos and objects that we save document those moments. The crazy ones and the calm ones, the sad ones and the scary ones, the happy ones and the ones where we just stopped to savor life for a moment.

The clocks in the photo that appears with this post mark special moments in time in the life of my family....

1:30 pm: the time my parents got married on December 28, 1956

12:50 am: the time I was born on December 31, 1958

10:50 am: the time my sister was born on May 16, 1961

12:56 pm: the time when my son was born on October 4, 1984

11:16 am: the time when my daughter was born on June 26, 1989

10:30 pm: the time when my first granddaughter, my son's little girl was born on August 5, 2012

3;30 pm: the time of my daughter's wedding on March 22, 2014

3:45 am: the time when my second granddaughter, my daughter's first baby, was born on December 17, 2016

6:15 pm; the time when my first grandson, my daughter's second baby, was born on November 27, 2018

These vintage clocks are all stopped to remember these important moments in the life of my family. They sit in my living room on a shelf above the television to remind me every day to pay attention to the moments.

"life is not measured by time. It is measured by moments." (Armin Houman)

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