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Comfort Food

I found this photo when I was sorting my photo files this morning. It was taken several years ago during a time when I was traveling a lot for work and the travel seemed to be never ending. I was exhausted when I arrived at this hotel—too much time on airplanes, too much work to do while traveling, too many things to keep straight in my head.

When I got settled I decided to order room service rather than head out into the city. Comfort food. It helps bring life back into focus. I expected a typical tray of food to be delivered but when it arrived it was this piece of beauty—flowers, a real wine glass, lovely small jars of ketchup and mustard and mayo. They set it on the table right here in the setting sun that was streaming in through the window. I remember looking at it and feeling a sense of peace. I could do this. I just needed to breathe. And eat. Slowly. Savoring. Not rushing.

This lesson felt real in the craziness of 2020. This photo did what photos can reminded me of a memory that had one meaning then and a new meaning now. Life can be crazy. It can get busy and overwhelming. Or very slow and overwhelming like it has been since March. Food, presented beautifully, can remind us to slow down and savor for a few minutes before we go back to the crazy. Slow down. Savor some part of your day today. It makes the crazy easier to bear. 

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