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Love Sewn In

My daughter got married in March of 2014 and of course needed something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. So, as a surprise, I had this blue heart and a tiny piece of her much loved baby blanket sewn into her wedding dress right by her heart. The blanket we lost walking around a holiday craft fair when she was two. The blanket she couldn’t fall asleep without for several nights. The blanket that was with her every day for those first two years of life. I sewed the blue heart into this one small scrap that I happened to have saved in my jewelry box from when I had cut it off before it fell off the much loved item and I asked the dress store to sew it into her dress. She spent the first nine months of her life hearing my heart from the inside so I wanted to send her into the next phase of her life with my heart next to hers. Life is, after all, only about love. 

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